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How To Watch Porn Video Babes Larger than Life Size at Home

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Bring Babes to Life with a Full 1080p HD up to a 300" projector. This video shows on 120" screen.

LED projectors mainly from USA or China have many accessories, such as SDcard slot, USB , and even wi-fi built in.


You will need a HDMI ouput device for best results.

Girls Asian at Home Big Screen Porn Naked Home cinema 3D HD 1080p LED vs DLP projectors

Projectors can be got for under £500 for which you can get about a 96inch Video Picture in a 3.5meter wide room.


  • Display Technologies DLP or LED
  • Resolutions of 1080p Full HD or 4K


The DLP projector is almost double the price of a budget projector. But still under £500 for which you can get up to 300" inch Video Picture.



Unboxing the Optoma Full HD Projector and setup on 120' Screen

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